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Bruce Kullberg

founder, unicom services and seniorcitizensofamerica.com

There are over 50 million seniors in America today. Of those over 70% access the Internet. That is our audience.

Greetings!  My name is Bruce Kullberg, founder of SeniorCitizensofAmerica.com (SCA).  
This is the launch of my latest project.  It is a culmination of months of research and preparation with some major learning curves and lots of patients. I designed this web site in a news magazine format, and offer the latest in news, resources, event listings, coupons, contests, plus much more! 
As a senior myself, my goal is to continue to expand this service to provide valuable information and resources for those my age.  In doing research I’ve found that is there a lot of information and resources available but it’s either difficult to find or comes with a price.  My goal is to bring this information together in one place, AND offer it for free.  
As we get older many of are on limited incomes and can’t afford to pay someone or we get scammed into something at we thought was beneficial but far from it.  And then there are organizations that try to sway you into either voting for someone or something at isn’t really about YOU, but their advertisers.  SCA IS NOT affiliated with any political groups or organizations, so we can provide UNBIASED information and resources. 

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